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One of the biggest challenges of being in the construction industry is that you are forced to cope up with the increasing costs of materials, tools and overhead expenses while making sure that your profit margins don’t suffer a lot and hurt your business in the long run. It’s really a matter of survival, to say the least, and sometimes you are left with no choice but to either reduce your projects to a minimum or settle for low quality services that will never do anything good for your company.

NAHVEN & ASSOCIATES has seen this vast changing landscape and we created our solutions around the needs of our clients. We know that gaining that competitive advantage can sometimes feel like an impossible task when you have other factors that limit you. So we made it our mission to help you with that by giving you all the tools you need to finally leverage your company.

Our mechanical engineering services cover everything from product development to resource utilization where our team of experts will help you through the process of finding the right formula for each project, allowing you to maximize productivity and maintaining good profit margins, if not increasing them significantly to the point where you can start to grow your business.

We help you with tasks like CAD conversion and migration, PLM implementation, reverse engineering and 3D modeling and drafting using top quality software and the best professionals in the industry. We only employ engineers with expertise in design, manufacturing, analysis and maintenance of different mechanical systems because we don’t take any chances when it comes to your success.